Saturday, February 16, 2008

RIP Brianna

In the early morning hours of January 20th, a young woman was abducted while she slept on the couch at a friend's house. A massive search began in our city, hoping she would be found alive. Police used DNA to link her kidnapping to the attack and/or rapes of at least two other women in the same neighborhood over the last few months (interestingly, each attack has occurred between the 13th and the 22nd of each month). Her story was featured on Good Morning America and America's Most Wanted, and there is an article in the most recent People magazine.

I do not know Brianna or her family, but I have been completely shaken up by this. Not only because of the fact that somebody is terrorizing young women in Reno, but because of where each attack occurred - either on the university campus or in the area immediately surrounding campus. I spent 4.5 years going to that university, and I lived in an apartment directly across the street from the house where Brianna was sleeping. It is a beautiful, charming area, and I hate knowing that some bastard has caused so many people to be afraid. I'm a bit nervous myself, as I currently live about 1 mile from there.

Yesterday afternoon, a body was found in a field about 8 miles from where she was kidnapped. Just a few minutes ago, the police department held a press conference to confirm what we all knew the minute we heard that the body was that of a young woman - it was Brianna's body. He strangled her. The body has been in that location for at least a week (the field had tall grass, and we've had a good deal of snow the last few weeks). Other evidence was found in that field, but they aren't releasing the details. I can't even imagine her family's heartache.

Rest in peace Brianna.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

This is just so sad. I hope the police catch this man soon.

Kathy said...

They still haven't caught him. :-( Luckily, he hasn't attacked anyone else.