Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finally, an explanation!

For years, I've been mildly annoyed by the fact that the airport in my city calls itself an international airport, when in fact there is not one direct flight to anywhere outside of the United States. C'mon, if you market yourself as "Reno-Tahoe International Airport", shouldn't that mean you can fly somewhere international, without a connecting flight? Even if it were just one little flight to Mexico, I'd be okay with the name.

A recent newspaper article listed several unknown facts about the airport (apparently there hasn't been much news in Reno lately!) :

"8. Reno-Tahoe is indeed an "international" airport, even though all the commercial flights are domestic. Private jets and charter flights sometimes arrive from Mexico and Canada..."

Oh, well that explains it all... *rolls eyes*

Monday, April 7, 2008


Isn't it funny how certain scents can transport you back in time to a treasured memory or place?

This morning I used a conditioner on my hair that I haven't used for many months. It also happens to be the conditioner that I keep in the little travel size containers when I travel. As soon as I smelled it, I was back in Positano, standing in the tiny shower in my villa. All those wonderful feelings of peace, contentment, and happiness washed over me.

Only 69 more days and I'll be there again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

RIP Brianna

In the early morning hours of January 20th, a young woman was abducted while she slept on the couch at a friend's house. A massive search began in our city, hoping she would be found alive. Police used DNA to link her kidnapping to the attack and/or rapes of at least two other women in the same neighborhood over the last few months (interestingly, each attack has occurred between the 13th and the 22nd of each month). Her story was featured on Good Morning America and America's Most Wanted, and there is an article in the most recent People magazine.

I do not know Brianna or her family, but I have been completely shaken up by this. Not only because of the fact that somebody is terrorizing young women in Reno, but because of where each attack occurred - either on the university campus or in the area immediately surrounding campus. I spent 4.5 years going to that university, and I lived in an apartment directly across the street from the house where Brianna was sleeping. It is a beautiful, charming area, and I hate knowing that some bastard has caused so many people to be afraid. I'm a bit nervous myself, as I currently live about 1 mile from there.

Yesterday afternoon, a body was found in a field about 8 miles from where she was kidnapped. Just a few minutes ago, the police department held a press conference to confirm what we all knew the minute we heard that the body was that of a young woman - it was Brianna's body. He strangled her. The body has been in that location for at least a week (the field had tall grass, and we've had a good deal of snow the last few weeks). Other evidence was found in that field, but they aren't releasing the details. I can't even imagine her family's heartache.

Rest in peace Brianna.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A late thank you, and more Italian class!

I’m a little late in posting this, but I’d like to thank Robin of My Melange for my lovely gift. She asked her fellow bloggers to participate in a holiday card swap, and from those who participated, she randomly picked a winner – me! A few weeks ago, my surprise arrived in the mail: a basket of wonderful Christmas items!

Thank you Robin! I enjoyed participating, and I hope to do more of this in the future.

Last I began my second semester of Italian. I meant to study over the holiday break, but well, yeah, that didn’t happen. At any rate, it came back to me very quickly, and I am very excited about this class. It’s a small class, only 13 of us, and 9 of us know each other from last semester’s class. We have the same instructor for four semesters, which is good. It feels comfortable.
Off to study!

Friday, January 4, 2008

How I spent my December...and the first few days of January!

December started with my birthday on the 1st. I don't usually do much of anything for my birthday, so it was a complete shock when my husband surprised me with a brand new car! We had been talking about getting me a new car in the spring, when his truck was paid off. However, the day before my birthday, a warning light came on in my car, and the warning was that the computer was getting ready to go out.

We decided to think over the weekend and decide if we would get the computer fixed and sell my car or just sell it as-is (for less money). Unbeknownst to me, he had already called his buddies at the local Honda dealership (he manages the local Honda motorcycle shop) and arranged to bring a car home the next day. It was just like the commercials, except the car didn't have a bow on it, but I can overlook that!

I sold my old car, and then promptly managed to get a deep chip from a rock in my new car, which was fixed yesterday. At least I got that first ding over with!

Oh yes, this new car is an automatic. I have never had an automatic before, so I'm struggling a bit. My left foot has finally stopped looking for the clutch and slamming on the brakes, but I'm finding it hard to remember to put it in "park" when I stop! Luckily, the car is smarter than I am, and it won't release the key until I move it into "park". So much fun.

I also finished my first Italian class, with a grade of "A"! My presentation was nerve-wracking, but I did okay. I don't mind public speaking too much...when it's in English...but this was hard! But it really helped me learn and I felt just a bit more comfortable speaking Italian. The next semester starts at the end of January.

We went to numerous Christmas parties, where I drank entirely too much wine, but had a great time at each of them! I spent time with family and friends, and I am so grateful for everyone in my life.

I've been contemplating various new ideas for my career. I don't think I'm going to pursue the permanent makeup or the laser hair removal (long story), but my research has opened my eyes to a couple other things that I'm very interested in! I've set a timeframe for myself...I've decided I want to stay at my current job until mid-May, because I will then receive 500 shares of stock. However, by that time, I want to have decided on what to do next. Then, I can quit my job right before I leave for Italy in June, then start my new career when I get back. I am so looking forward to working for myself. Both Tina and Farfallina have made me realize that it's possible and wonderful!

I've had several more dreams about being in Italy...only 161 days until I'm there again!

Weather-wise, January has been crazy already! The "biggest storm in the last 20 years" was predicted to hit California and Nevada this weekend. Yesterday it started raining, heavily, which is very unusual for Reno. In the afternoon, it turned to snow, and by about midnight, our neighborhood had about six inches of snow. When I woke up this morning, another couple inches had fallen. Not too bad, (especially compared to the 3.5 feet we received a couple years ago!) but it's supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow.

Unfortunately, a little town about 30 miles from here has had a rough time this morning. A levee broke and several thousand people have been evacuated. Here's an article about the storm and the levee break. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this storm.