Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finally, an explanation!

For years, I've been mildly annoyed by the fact that the airport in my city calls itself an international airport, when in fact there is not one direct flight to anywhere outside of the United States. C'mon, if you market yourself as "Reno-Tahoe International Airport", shouldn't that mean you can fly somewhere international, without a connecting flight? Even if it were just one little flight to Mexico, I'd be okay with the name.

A recent newspaper article listed several unknown facts about the airport (apparently there hasn't been much news in Reno lately!) :

"8. Reno-Tahoe is indeed an "international" airport, even though all the commercial flights are domestic. Private jets and charter flights sometimes arrive from Mexico and Canada..."

Oh, well that explains it all... *rolls eyes*

5 comments: said...

Ha ha! I always wondered the same thing about our local airport as well... Bradley International (Hartford/Springfield) but last year they started 1 direct flight to Amersterdam... which is huge!

Scintilla said...

Yes it funny how airports consider themselves 'International'.
Luxembourg ( a tiny country) is International because it wouldn't be able to fly within itself.

Haven't been blogging for a while? Have you left already ?
Rosa (something)

jessica said...

hi kathy, thanks for commenting on my blog. italy was gorgeous.

Lucia said...

lol...I would like to be landing in any airport right about now...going on vacation! Perferably somewhere in Italy!

Lucia said...

P.S. I came over from Scintilla's blog!