Thursday, July 5, 2007

My eight...okay...ten random facts!

Sognatrice did this the other day, and I said I would participate. It only took me about two days to come up with something!

1. I love to be afraid. I love to watch scary movies, even ones I've seen before that give me nightmares. I suppose it's that adrenaline rush.

2. When I was little (about 10-12 years old), I used to stay up late on Wednesday nights and watch Dynasty. Of course, my parents didn't allow this, so I had to sneak. I had a small, black & white TV in my bedroom, so I would pretend to go to bed, then turn on the TV with the sound so low I could barely hear it. Looking back, I'm sure my parents could see the light flickering under the door (especially since they had to walk past my door to get to their bedroom), but they never said anything.

3. I assumed I would grow up and live in a house like they had on Dynasty. I just knew I would have servants and wear elegant evening gowns all the time. I had no idea how this would happen, I just thought I would be rich and famous, so I never planned for it. That's probably why I have a relatively small three bedroom home today.

4. Even though I don't get to wear evening gowns, I love dressing up and going out. I love putting on makeup, jewelry, nice clothes and shoes, and doing my hair. I'll spend hours searching for the right necklace or bracelet. I'm a girly-girl!

5. I don't leave my house without some type of makeup on, even if it's just mascara and lip gloss.

6. I love fruit. Love, love, love it! However, I generally do not like it mixed in with other types of food, for example, in a salad. I will pick out all the fruit first, then eat the rest.

7. Bent or mis-shaped paperclips really bother me. If I can't straighten them out to the point where they look new again, I throw them away. How the heck do people get them all bent like that?

8. I dislike talking on the phone. I will go to almost any lengths to avoid answering the phone at home. Yet my cell phone is my constant companion - I love text messages, and I get my email on my cell.

9. I'm in a music video. As I've mentioned before, I am a huge Rob Thomas/matchbox twenty fan. Back in 2000, the fan club invited members to be in the Mad Season video. The invitation was extended on a Wednesday, and the only provision was that we had to be able to be in Los Angeles by 6:00 am Saturday morning. Being as I'm only about 1.5 hours away by plane, that was easily accomplished. Not only did I get to be in the video, but I met the band (the first of many times...they are truly great guys) and made several new friends - people I am still friends with today!

10. If you watch the video, you can see me twice. Of course, you have to know exactly when and where to look, and you have to look quickly, but I'm definitely in there!


sognatrice said...

I love number 10, and I hate misshapen paper clips too. Even if they still work reasonably well, I can't stand the kinks. So glad you played along :)

Carole D. said...

I love the layout of the new page. Everyone is updating.

Good luck on your job search!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I love the photo of positano in your header. sigh. I wish I was there right this moment.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kathy. l really like the new layout especially that photo, says it all...huh?