Saturday, September 8, 2007


Every year at this time, we have The Great Reno Balloon Race.

I live about one mile from the park where the race begins. Occasionally, the wind will blow the balloons away from my neighborhood, but most years they float my way. They drift along, their various shapes and colors delighting children of all ages. There's always a bit of excitement when a balloon lands on a nearby street.

These pictures were taken last year. (For some reason, I didn't take any this year).

View from my house:

A few blocks away:

Not great quality, but this is just around the corner from my house:

There are two bees, but I could only get a picture of one:

These guys were laughing at my dog because she was barking at them:

Landing in the street:

Another one landing in the street:

Landing on the edge of a park:

Humpty Dumpty in the background:

A strawberry!

There is also a Jack Daniels bottle, an eagle, a stagecoach, an ark, the Energizer Bunny, and even a cow!


Anonymous said...

lm so happy you are back l missed you in blogsphere. l love hot air balloons! l have never been in one although l have every intention l doing this one day soon. l really like the way they look... especially in those gorgeous photos. Thanks for making my smile brighter and assisting me in remembering another dream. Have you ever been in one?

Kathy said...

Thanks, I'm glad to be back too!

No, I've never been in a hot air balloon. When I first started dating my husband, his mom was dating a man who owned a balloon and participated in balloon races around America. He offered to take me up in one, but we never managed to make it happen! (He then got sick and passed away.)

One of these days you must go up in one!

jessica said...

what beautiful baloons. what a pretty sight that must be to see all of them floating about. the strawberry one is so nice.

Kathy said...

The strawberry is my favorite!