Monday, December 3, 2007

Almost done

I am almost done with my first semester of Italian. Tonight was the final exam. I think I did well - I certainly hope I did! So far I have an "A" in class. I am quite pleased with myself, not only because of the grade, but because I can feel myself learning. There are times when I'm studying and a lightbulb will suddenly go off, and it makes perfect sense. And there are other times when I find myself thinking in Italian!

I have two classes left, this Wednesday and next Monday. We will receive our graded tests back on Wednesday, and then begin our oral presentations. I am by no means ready for my presentation, but I am looking forward to listening to everyone else. My weak point is listening and comprehending, so I'm glad for every chance I get to listen to the language.

I am so happy to be learning the language of the country I love!


Roam2Rome said...

I see that! ;)

Songs. Get the lyrics and translate them. To the point that you know what is being said. Then listen to songs over and over and over and over and over!

It will help you with hearing comprehension which is needed to carry out a conversation.

It's one thing to write, another to speak, and another to understand what's being said, isn't it?

Songs help like you wouldn't believe! (to me at least)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Good luck with your oral presentations.

Roam2rome that is a great tip. My biggest problem is also hearing comprehension.

Giusi said...

Be courageous and post in both languages. Then you'll have as many tutors as you have readers.

Watch TV in Italian or movies without subtitles. Hearing how conversation works is a big help.

Judith in Umbria
Think On It

Kathy said...

Thanks for the input!! Yes, I should try to do a blog post in Italian...that would be fun and help me learn!